Main duties

While it is a matter for each Lord-Lieutenant as to how they carry out their role, The Queen and Her Government expect certain duties of Lord-Lieutenants. The main duties are as follows:

1) to arrange visits by members of the Royal Family and to escort Royal Visitors

2) to represent The Queen, including duties with the armed forces and presenting certain honours, medals and awards

3) to assess nominations for honours, both personal and for the Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service and to encourage appropriate nominations for both

4) to liaise with local units of the Royal Navy, Royal Marines, Army, Royal Air Force and their associated Cadet Forces

5) to lead the local magistracy as Chair of the local Advisory Committee on Justices of the Peace, in liaison with the Ministry of Justice

The Lord-Lieutenant may also:

1) encourage communities by maintaining links with civic, community, enterprise and social leaders in the county

2) promote voluntary activity of all sorts and supporting social cohesion

3) actively liaise with the Office of the High Sheriff for the benefit of the community

4) take an active interest in the police and the well-being of the service

5) engage actively with the media in the promotion of aspects of the role (eg. royal visits and honours)

6) participate in Citizenship Ceremonies and ensure coverage of all ceremonies by Deputy Lieutenants

7) be briefed on any local civil emergencies and ensure, depending on the severity, that The Queen’s Private Secretary is briefed.